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M-Market Foundation

Our effort is to continue to help where it is needed

We are a responsible company

Through the M-MARKET Foundation, we have been primarily supporting athletes for the eighth year, as well as organisations active in the field of culture and education.

With our grant programmes, we try to help children and youth in particular. We support the development of their potential and talent, whether in the field of sports or culture. We also focus on promoting children’s education as part of crime prevention. In addition, the foundation has helped several civic associations. Last but not least, we lend a helping hand to families in need, and families with children who have health issues.

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Recipient Organisations

Our Mission

Our effort is to purposefully promote improvements in the quality of life and be a support to those who really need it. We try to do what every successful business should do for society and for people, to make life easier for you too. As part of fulfilling our mission, we prioritise assistance in the following areas.

These areas of support are managed by the M-MARKET Foundation to deliver a public benefit. We build on values that reflect the M-MARKET Foundation’s approach to individual requests for help and support.

Where We Help

Sports Activities

We enable children and youth to develop their talent and relationship to sports

Student Education

We support those who participate in knowledge competitions or school Olympics


We lend a helping hand to art students, whether it’s music, the visual arts, dance or literature

Activities and Projects

We show solidarity towards those who need and ask for help